Saturday, 29 November 2014

Annoucing the 15 in 2015 Challenge15 in 2015 Challenge

Are you looking for a challenge in 2015!?
You could participate in FUNd Run 4 Bling's 15 in 2015 challenge!
You can order yourself this cool bling to celebrate your accomplishment!
Will you be running 15 races or 15 Halfs in 2014?!
Or maybe 15 5kms or 10km?!  Or 15 Fulls? Ur choice!!!  
You can use actual races or any virtuals!

Start planning your races today!!
Medals are available for $25. 
*** medals will be ordered in April and begin shipping in May. You have all of 2015 to complete your goal ***
** this is the medal proof. 2 of the male runners are going to be switched to females**
Register: HERE

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  1. If you get any more Snowflake 5kms I would love one...thank