Thursday, 23 January 2014

Race Updates!!!


1. Resolution Run - If you have registered for the 3rd batch resolution runs I am expecting the blings tmrw (Jan 24th)! The envelopes are done up and ready and they will be shipped out ASAP! Thank you so much for your support in this race despite having to wait for your hard earned bling. This race is SOLD OUT.

2. 2014 Birthday Run - January, February and March Birthday blings have shipped! You can still register for this race HERE.  There are still a blings left for each month!! Register at least 2 weeks early to ensure you have it for your birthday!!!

3. Suck it Up Buttercup Run - If you are still awaiting for your Suck It Up Buttercup bling I am expecting them tmrw (Jan 24th)! I have the envelopes done and they will ship right out to you! Sorry about the delay with this batch! There are about 15 spots left and then I will be taking down the registration page!!

4. Love 2 Run - February- There are lots of spots left in this race! Pls share it with your friends and register HERE. I am expecting the medals on Jan 24th and they will be shipped out this weekend. Bibs will be posted for Feb 1st in our FB group.  Don't forget you will get your new "I Run 4 Bling" temporary tattoo with this medal :)

5. This is my Race Pace  Run - March - This run is open for Registration. Bibs will be posted for March 1. I am expecting the blings late Feb and then they will be shipped right out to you!!  You can register HERE

6. I am behind in answering my emails - pls give me a few more days to get back to you if you have emailed me!!!

7. The 14 in 2014 challenge will be opening soon! You will be able to choice your challenge. These medals will not ship till about June!

THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT and for continuing to share my page and races!!!!

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