Thursday, 21 November 2013

Resolution Run


Previously Ordered Ones:
I am out of 5km/10km resolution blings - there is a parcel of them on the way (that was suppose to be here Friday- it was only partial when we got it)! SO if you ordered a 5km/10km after Nov 14th - ur's is still waiting here! I hope to get them ASAP!!!! I know I said I was shipping within a couple days of ordering so if you u r one of the ones waiting for a 5/10km bling and want a refund - just let me know in a personal message!! Urs should still be there in time for New Years!!

2nd Chance to Order:
IF u missed the Resolution run - cause it went fast - I am reopening it Friday night at 6pm(mountain time) for an additional 50 medals. These ones aren't due to me till Mid December so you won't receive until sometime in January! U will NOT have them for New Year's Eve/Day!!

I am honored that it SOLD OUT so quickly!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH I am so excited!!!! Happy Running!!!!!

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