Wednesday, 26 June 2013

2nd half of 2013!

I have decided to go ahead and release the sneak peek of the rest of 2013 blings! I'm really excited about each of them. The only one that hasn't been ordered yet - is the Monster Mash one. But the rest are on the way to me!!

You should have lots of time to register for these cool new races but like usual I will post when they start to get full. There are some that I can not order extra bling for because of the time it takes to get them  (Summertime & Sunshine run and the Resolution Run - for sure).

Also - closer to the end of the year (cause we are only at the HALF way mark) - I will be looking for feedback about what you'd like to see for 2014.  Maybe only one bling a month?! Maybe only every 2nd month?! Or only 4 a year?! Maybe there is a theme that you would really love to see?!  So start thinking - It's all up to you guys as I couldn't do any of this without each of you participating and sharing with your friends!  (and can I just add that I love this)!!!

So ..... here they are ..... in no particular order - LOL.
And remember u can choose ur distance with my virtuals - 5km, 10km, 15km, 13.1 or 26.2!!
Resolution Run



October or November






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  1. Love them all and the glow one is awesome! How about a leaf for fall? Snowman for winter? Maypole or decorated egg for spring? Beach theme for summer? I'm sure I'll have more ideas before next year lol.