Monday, 4 February 2013

Running Updates

1. LOTS of February I Heart Running blings left. Registration will remain open until Febrauary 15th! Medals will be shipped again on February 4th and then February 14th and 15th.  Register HERE

2. Registration is also open for the March and April Runs. You can save a few dollars by signing up for more then one race! Registration will be open till March 15th. I have the medals now and will start shipping Mid February - ish.  Bibs will be posted end of February!  Register HERE

3. If you are attending the Princess Half Marathon in DisneyLand - don't forget to sign up for a FUNd Run 4 Bling pin so we can run into each other that weekend. There is an event under the events tab if you want to come for a meet up or possible meet up with someone if you are going solo.  Sign up HERE

4. ALL Princess In Training and Fairy in Training medals have gone out! A round of charms have gone out too. If yours didn't come with the charm and you don't receive a charm seperately I will post in FB late Feb and I will get more sent out! If you were in the 2nd batch of registering -I have your names on the lists already :)

5. ALL Resolution Half medals have shipped out. Resolution 5km medals have not arrived yet
:( They will be sent out February 14th. SORRY.

6. All YOUR Birthday medals have also been shipped out.

7. I am on vacation from February 5th - 13th! I will try to post bibs during that time but not sure how reliable the internet will be and if I can use my laptop or not.


  1. i signed up for the half distance for all three march april runs!! woot.

  2. Can I still run the April "Runner Chick" run? (5K)