Friday, 11 January 2013

Registrations Update


1. Princess and Fairy in Training registration is closed temporarily - until I can verify how many of each medals are left.  Check back Saturday night to see!

2. February's I Heart Running registration is open. It will close February 15th. There is still lots of space left for this run in all distances.

3. Registration for the March and April runs is now open. I am hoping it works. Will check when the first person goes to register! You can save a few dollars by signing up for March and April together (ordering more then 1 medal).

** I am tyring a new shopping cart option. You can add things to your shopping cart and then click continue shopping. A box may pop up asking if you'd like to leave this page - you can click yes - it will save ur cart and you can add other runs to it.  PLEASE make sure your address in paypal is correct as this is the one I will be going by :)

1 comment:

  1. I hate to do this to you since I know how crazy busy you are but can you tell me if I registered for the Feb run yet?

    Gigi Becker