Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ideas for 2013?!?!

Let's talk 2013 - What would you like to see?
- Race every mth or every 2nd mth?
-What distances?
-Do u like multiple distances each mth? -
Any themes/ideas? Interested in a mthly kids run?
-Do u like the bibs included?
-Any other suggestions?!   
(every comment will be entered into a draw for one free registration in 2013)!
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  1. I think having some kids runs would be awesome. Where I live there aren't any kids runs and very few races that i can enter without having to drive a long ways. I got my son a turkey trot medal from another blog and he thought it was the coolest thing when we raced up our driveway on Thanksgiving evening.

  2. I like the idea of a monthly run but I probably wouldn't be able to sign up every month.

  3. The bibs are not important to me... the medal is what counts.

  4. Oh and one more... I did a virtual race that had different distances to choose from. I did 50K over the course of one month and the medal was personalized (it had my name and "50K in one month" at the back). I loved that and it motivated me throughout the month. That's something I'd love to do again and even though you can sign up for a marathon and do it over a few days I don't think that's the same. I don't want to sign up for a marathon if I'm not doing it all at once.

  5. Thanks Shelley - I am definitely working on kid's medals - too important to get them started early!
    And thanks for feedback Maria- I agree - it's all about the bling :) BUT I LOVE ur mth idea! I have been wanting a 100km month but haven't even been coming close-lol- maybe a medal is the motivation I need!