Tuesday, 27 November 2012

December Update!

Hey Everyone: If you registered for the December runs before November 6th your medal(s) have shipped.  Seems about 20 people still haven't received their medals. I know you are excited but pls hang on a few more days! That is too many 'missing' medals.  Usually about 1 medal per shipment goes missing. But pls keep me posted. If you registered after November 6th - a few have shipped and the rest will be ready to go out this weekend! AND thank you all for participating.
Can't wait to start seeing some running pics! Don't forget to email me ur pic if you'd like them in a frame like my sample below! 

Please also be sure to like our group on Facebook - I post updates there and that's where you can find your optional race bib :)     FUNd Run 4 Bling

Registration is still open though and will remain open till the rest of the medals are sold  (minus the ones I hold incase any go missing)! Click on the 'December' tab above!

Next Draw:  November 30th for 5 Bondi Bands - All you have to do is be registered by then :)

THANKS everyone!

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