Friday, 12 October 2012

NEW!! Run Photos

Included with your race registration for December and January is your RUN PHOTO :)
FREE Run Photo

- After you run - email me a picture of you
- I will put your picture in the Run frame and email it back to you!
- Feel free to use the photo digitally or you can even print it

- You have till the end of each month to submit your race photo
- I will try to get photos back to you as soon as possible
- You may request one photo for each race theme (for example: one princess in training and one fairy)
- Please also in the email include your name and time if you'd like them on the photo (otherwise those spots will be blank).

Coming SOON:
Princess in Training 5/10km
Princess in Training 10 miles
I TINK I Can 5/10km
Eat my Pixie Dust 10miles


  1. So you will be making on of these cool digital frames for Tink?


    1. YES Maryalicia! They are all just about done and I will post :)