Sunday, 2 September 2012

Introducing....December Bling !!!

Here is the bling for December! Registration is open!
There is a Ho Ho Ho 5km and Ho Ho Ho Half.
BUT there is also a Winter 5km and Winter Half just incase!

Don't forget registration for September is still open - you can earn your Super Star bling....


  1. How do you enter these races??? I live in an area that is pretty rural and doesn't offer much in the way of races.

  2. Hey Shelley- I have the same problem! And there is even fewer races with bling here! To enter these runs- u click on the monthly tabs above! I'm offering one a month and different distances :) There is a form to fill out and then a paypal button to pay!! Then u get ur medal in the mail! But do not hang it till u ran or walked ;) Its great motivation!! Hope that helps :)

  3. When does registration close for winter 5k

    1. Hey - registration will be open into December or when I reach the 100. There is still lots of time. Only about 10 people have planned that far ahead so far - hehe! THX