Monday, 4 June 2012


Has anyone received their May Diva/Dude Medal yet??   I'm so excited!

I mailed out half Monday morning and half Tuesday morning. Now I did get a few back in the mail saying wrong postage on Wednesday ?!? I took them back to the post office on Thursday morning and they all went back out - with the same postage! It was really weird and they just said that someone else must have weighed them or something :(  Not impressed - but hoping they have all found their way to you by  now....

On a side note! I have 3 more people registered for July so THANKS to everyone who is still sharing my site with others :)  The july medals have arrived and were delivered to my house :) I can't wait to get home to see them tonight!! We should also take a vote in the comments below - who would like me to ship their July medal out the week before the run so that you may have it before you run or a day or two after your run?

Feel free to 'follow' my blog - not really sure how the whole blog things work yet. I am thinking of hosting one more run in September. I am also thinking with a fellow runner about doing a legacy challenge for 2013 where you could earn some more bling and then a running trophy at the end of the challenge. What do you think about that? I know I will never be fast enough to place in my age group to get a trophy - LOL.

Thank you everyone!!

BTW - I am at 23% of my fundraising goal :)    So far so good! The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society wins and I just might get to do Nike afterall ...


  1. Eeeekk JUST got mine <3 Love it

  2. Great - Thanks Jamie!!
    Ok, I know of 3 who have received their bling :)
    They are coming - hopefully soon!!

  3. Legacy challenge....interesting ;). Looking forward to getting my medal. ~ Darlena

    1. Thanks Darlena! Hope u get it soooooon as in Today and not have to wait till next week!