Saturday, 26 May 2012


Wooo Hoooo! It's finally here! The first run day!
I am so excited. I am heading out to do my 5km today. Looks like great weather!

I hope you all have fantastic runs/walk. Try to get a pic if you will :) Love to post a few on this blog and my main running blog !!  Also can't wait to read some 'I did it' comments !!

U guys are awesome and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society thanks you!!

I still have 5 medals left - so I am leaving the registration open - you can run today or in the next couple of days.

Plan on mailing out everyone's BLING on Monday or Tuesday (at the latest).



  1. I DID IT!! Yay- run complete!
    I am working on a blog to send to you so you can see my run! Thanks JoDee

  2. Sandra, if you still have a medal, I'll see if my sister can sign up and run later today (Sunday, gosh, I'd better shower and get to bed... runner's high makes it hard to be sleepy).

    P.S. I hope to meet you sometime soon - are you running with CCRR or a RR clinic? I saw your post on the CCRR Facebook page - hope you've got some relief for whatever ails you ;D

  3. Thank JoDee! Can't wait! I wish I had of put that sharing tab up early - great idea!!

    HI Anne: Thanks for participating and sharing your story! Hearing personal stories is why I fundraise - makes it so real. Your sister could still register for the May run (I have changed the form though but I could just make a note). Thanks again. Oh yeah and it would be great to meet you sometime :) I don't know anyone in Fredericton! I don't run with others though because I am too slow but hopefully someday!

  4. Sandra, don't ever say you're too slow! Trust me. One gentlemen from the CCRRs is starting a group this upcoming Saturday for runners who have been off for awhile or are getting back into it. You should come out! I am getting back into the swing and am, what one might consider 'slow'. I like to say, we're moving faster than if we were not moving at all!

    Did you get help with your injury?

  5. Done! My 5K was completed today. We were out of town this weekend so I waited until we got home. Thanks so much for organizing!!! Good luck with your fundraising. See you in July.

  6. Hubby ran his 5k yesterday!! It's official- the kenney family completed their runs!