Friday, 25 May 2012


Today is Friday!!
The first Diva & Dude Run is tmrw (or this weekend)! I am so excited! Of course I have registered too! I am a bling collector!

Now - I have 6 Diva Medals and 5 Dude medals left.  I'd really like to sell out if possible. If you have been thinking about registering -now is the time :)   These 4 medals (2 Diva/2 Dude) have been designed specifically for these events - so I won't be using this design ever again!!

Thanks in advance to everyone who has registered. I hope you all have fantastic runs/walks this weekend. I am planning 5km Saturday morning.

Also pls note the sharing tab when you come back to put your "I did it" comment. Feel free to email me pics of your run and/or share your story about why you run or how Leukemia or Lymphoma has affected you!  I would also love to see some pics of your new medal displayed with all your others!

This has been a fantastic experience and I am looking forward to getting even more participants for the JULY run :)
May Diva Medal

May Dude Medal

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