Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Diva 5k In New York

 I did it. My third 5K is in the books but this race was very different from my first two races. It was a test of perseverance, will power, adaptation, acceptance and learning to be happy with the thought "It is, what it is".

This race there was not big festive celebration, loud music or hundreds of athletes ready to compete. It was just me... and the kids. I searched high and low for the traditional 5K race in town but there had been not a single race planned. Then I saw Sandra's virtual race. I admit I was inspired by her goal to raise $3,900. That's not an easy goal and I thought right then and there "I'm going to help her reach it!"

I ended up doing my run at the elementary school field because the normally deserted high school track was occupied with a high school track team. The elementary school has a huge field and my son said that if you run around that and go all the length of the field, the school and back around that's 1/4 mile. I could do that. The kids could play on the swings. It would be a match made in heaven. Or so I thought.

Suited up in my hand made Diva 7 Bib I began running and running and running..... and running. I never got winded and that first 7 minutes of "I hate running" never came- so I knew I was REALLY off my pace. But, I never run on uneven surfaces and I was very worried about further injuring my hurt knee- so I was being real conservative. My "Map My Run" app hadn't spoken to me and I was a little worried it had turned off. Then at 17 minutes she chimed in "1 mile". What the HECK? 17 minute mile! WHOA LAWD. Even on a bad day I run it in 14 tops!

 It was humid and the allergens were crazy high. I was sneezing, itchy and my eyes were watering. I was getting covered in pollen and fuzzy things and right there I knew I needed to re-asses what this was all about. Running a 5K is not always about beating your time. It's about celebrating fitness and enjoying the benefits that running has brought into my life. I'm happy, healthy- down more than 30 lbs since January and I CAN RUN!!! And I am running for a cause, in honor of a woman who wants to raise money for a great cause. Right there I decided to slow down and just enjoy it. In fact... I walked.

 I told the kids to come on. We decided to go to the school nature area. We inhaled the thick, swampy air. It smelled of the greenery that was all around us.

 I battled the elements this race something awful! WOW- look at all the pollen at my feet! When I got home and took off my shoes I had yellow pollen all over my toes. It's that fine it got through my shoes and socks! It was in the air and all over my hair. I had put sun screen on and it was sticking to my face. PHEW! I just want a little rain to get rid of it then the sun can come back!

 So, it's official. Although I walked two miles almost as fast as I ran my first- I'm still very happy I did it. When I look at my map from what I ran I could see that I almost ran every inch of that field! LOL back and forth up and down, diagonal- whatever it took to run and become a Diva. I look forward to watching my new blog friend run her marathon and I hope my support helps to get her there!


  1. Thanks for the great post! Glad you had fun! Love that you made a Diva Bib and love your shoes!! And thank you for not only supporting Leukemia & Lymphoma but for supporting me!

  2. You're welcome!!! I'm happy to be helping you get to your goal!!!

  3. Great post JoDee and nice blog Sandra! I admire both of you and your drive and I look forward to "running" the next virtual 5k. Keep up the good work and I hope you both reach all of your goals.